Wisconsin is home of the world's most award-winning cheeses. Discover the heritage and special nuances that make each of the varieties of Wisconsin Cheese so delicious to eat.

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American (Pasteurized Processed)


Processed cheeses have a very mild semi-soft elastic smooth texture and account for a huge share of cheese sales. Processed cheeses from Wisconsin are a smooth blend of assorted natural cheeses that have been blended and pasteurized to the point where further ripening stops, resulting in a longer shelf life than most cheeses. Wisconsin, the leading state in total cheese production, is also the top producer of processed cheeses.


Similar to natural cheese from which it is made


Smooth, elastic


Similar to type of natural cheese from which it is made Sometimes flavored with fruits, vegetables, meats or spices

Serving Suggestions

Melt Processed Cheddar over low heat; stir in salsa and chopped jalapeno peppers. Serve with tortilla chips.

Goes Well With

Similar to the natural cheese variety from which a particular cheese is made


Wisconsin manufacturers process more Cheddar than any other cheese. However, they blend considerable quantities of a variety of cheeses, such as Colby, Swiss, Brick, Edam, Gouda and others. In the production of Process cheeses, high cooking temperatures and a small amount of emulsifiers produce a cheese that melts easily and resists separation. Add a slice to natural cheese sauces to help keep them from separating.

Cheese Performance in the Kitchen
  Cold Surface Broil Oven (in recipe) Oven (surface) Direct Heat (in suspension)