Cheese Awards

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Wisconsin Cheese wins more national and international cheese awards than any other state or country. Our tradition of cheesemaking excellence began more than 175 years ago, and our award-winning cheesemakers still use these tried-and-true methods today.

Cheesemaking is a way of life in Wisconsin, the only place outside of Europe with a master cheesemaker program. Many families and facilities have been making cheese for four generations. With our revered heritage of cheesemaking, Wisconsin takes top honors for styles ranging from the freshest cheese curds to 10-year-old cheddar wheels, from baby swiss to aged parmesan and everything in between. Find your new favorite award-winning cheese here.

Wisconsin cheese has won

5,552 AWARDS

& counting...

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ACS Cheese Competition, 2004
Class CS: American Originals, Open Category Made from Sheep's or Mixed Milk
awardThird Place
Bass Lake Cheese Factory, Somerset, WI
Canasta Pardo
Class LC: Smoked Cheeses, Open Category Made from Cow's Milk
awardSecond Place
Bass Lake Cheese Factory, Somerset, WI
Smoked Gouda with Peppercorn
Class OO: Fresh Sheep's Milk Cheeses, Open Category
awardSecond Place
Bass Lake Cheese Factory, Somerset, WI
Queso de Oreja