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Wisconsin is home more than 600 varieties, types and styles of cheeses that are crafted with care by more than 100 Wisconsin cheesemakers. Use this directory to learn more the Wisconsin dairies, cheesemakers and marketers that bring Wisconsin cheese from farm to table. Start browsing the Wisconsin cheese company directory using the search options below.

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Marieke & Rolf Penterman emigrated from the Netherlands and settled in Thorp, Wisconsin in 2002 to carry out their passion for dairy farming. In 2006 they embarked on a new adventure in cheesemaking because they desperately missed their Gouda from Holland. Using farmstead-fresh, raw cow's milk from their family farm, Marieke began crafting authentic Dutch cheeses. The milk is piped directly from the cows into the cheese processing vat after the first milking of the day. Its freshness is unrivaled. Each 20-pound wheel is pressed for two hours and then placed in a salt-brine for 60 hours. From there each wheel is transferred to the aging cellar and carefully aged on Dutch pine planks for a minimum of 60 days in accordance with time-tested, Old World cheesemaking methods Marieke brought with her from the Netherlands. Since Marieke began crafting cheese in 2006, she has won more than 150 national and international awards with our biggest award being the 2013 U.S. Cheese Champion for our Plain Mature Gouda 6-9 months of age.

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