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Wisconsin is home more than 600 varieties, types and styles of cheeses that are crafted with care by more than 100 Wisconsin cheesemakers. Use this directory to learn more the Wisconsin dairies, cheesemakers and marketers that bring Wisconsin cheese from farm to table. Start browsing the Wisconsin cheese company directory using the search options below.

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The Artisan Cheese Exchange



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The mission of The Artisan Cheese Exchange is to provide consumers with the best tasting, highest quality cheese available. This is seen through their two award-winning brands, Deer Creek and Apollo’s Gift. Deer Creek cheeses are known for their exceptional flavor profile and unique attributes. Deer Creek offers hand selected aged Cheddars as well as unique handmade artisan cheeses. Each vat of aged specialty Cheddar is personally chosen by founder and licensed Wisconsin cheese grader Christopher Gentine for its superior flavor, texture and aroma. In addition to the highly decorated aged Cheddars, Deer Creek also offers unique, handmade artisan Cheddars like The Fawn, and The Stag. Their newest cheese, The Robin, recaptures the true essence of original Colby, with its firm, open body and fresh, buttery taste. Awarded more than 20 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in the past 4 years, Deer Creek is truly an exceptional line of cheeses. For more information please visit Cheese-Exchange.com. Award winning Apollo’s Gift Lactose Free Cheese was created to offer lactose intolerant consumers the chance to enjoy the deliciousness of real cheese. It is 100% lactose free and rich in naturally occurring probiotics. Apollo’s Gift is great for snacking as well as incorporating into your favorite recipes for pizza, lasagna, enchiladas, egg dishes, nachos and more. It is available in both Mozzarella Jack and Mozzarella Jack with Peppers. For more information please visit ApollosGift.com.

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