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Wisconsin is home more than 600 varieties, types and styles of cheeses that are crafted with care by more than 100 Wisconsin cheesemakers. Use this directory to learn more the Wisconsin dairies, cheesemakers and marketers that bring Wisconsin cheese from farm to table. Start browsing the Wisconsin cheese company directory using the search options below.

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Kwik Trip Dairy



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There’s no fresher milk, juice, fruit drinks or water available anywhere because our full-service dairy production facility bottles and bags them right here in our plant. Whether you prefer Nature’s TouchTM Whole, Reduced Fat, Low Fat, Fat-Free, Chocolate or Low Fat Chocolate milk, orange juice, flavored drinking water or sparkling clear drinking water, you’ll find it in our Kwik Trip and Kwik Star stores. The Kwik Trip Dairy is vertically intergraded by producing all the plastic gallon jugs that are used for production. We also blend and create our own private-label Nature’s Touch ice cream, fat free frozen yogurt, low fat Greek frozen yogurt and gelatos in a variety of sizes and rich, creamy flavors. In addition, our unique bagging machine for milk and juices offers our customers a green alternative to the massive packaging waste generated by traditional plastic milk cartons and jugs.

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