Wisconsin. Home of America's Dairyland.

Wisconsin and cheese are synonymous. Home to more dairy farms than any other state, Wisconsin farmers are dedicated to making the best dairy products - milk butter, yogurt and ice cream - for everyone to enjoy.


Filled with calcium, protein and other vitamins and minerals, we all know milk is essential for bone and overall health.

Yogurt is the perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates, making it a great choice for everyday eating.

Ice Cream
Nothing screams "Eat me!" more than ice cream, a favorite frozen dessert for hundreds of years.

A staple in cooking and baking, real butter has no substitute.

Health and Nutrition
Dairy products have long been recognized as essential to a balanced diet. Learn how dairy helps maintain health and nutrition for people of all ages.

Commitment to Quality
Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our dairy farmers and processors, Wisconsin dairy products have a strong reputation for being the best.