Camping with Wisconsin Cheese


June means that summer is finally here and camping season is upon us. For some, trading your kitchen in for a campfire for a weekend might be intimidating. However, with the right recipes, ingredients and a few pro tips, you'll want to cook on a campfire for every meal (at least for a few days).

Cheese is a fantastic camping companion because it adds tremendous flavor to simple dishes, and hard, aged cheeses can survive a little longer outside of the refrigerator. From breakfast to dessert, these recipes will make your campsite the culinary hotspot of the campgrounds.



Wisconsin Colby
Breakfast Burrito

Chipotle Cheddar
Bacon Snack Mix

(make ahead and store
in resealable bags)

Wisconsin Feta

Pudgy Pies

Grilled Tomatoes and
Peaches with Fontina

Peach, Brie and Dark
Chocolate S'mores



Camping cooking tips to get you started:

  • Don't forget the aluminum foil! It's lightweight and conducts heat quickly, which is important when you have a Wisconsin Colby Breakfast Burrito cooking on the fire for breakfast.
  • Cast-iron is your best friend. Bring a cast-iron skillet and pudgy pie iron for durable, even-heated cooking.
  • Any skillet recipe can be a camping recipe. If you have quick, skillet recipes that you make at home, chances are they can be made on the campfire, too. Try Grilled Tomatoes and Peaches with Fontina on your next trip!
  • Get creative! You're limited with how much food you can bring along on a camping trip, so don't be afraid to mix and match ingredients. Pudgy pies are fantastic for trying new combinations!
  • Hiking? Make snack mix ahead of time! Chipotle Cheddar Bacon Snack Mix is a great option.
  • Add s'more flavor to your s'mores! Peach, Brie and Dark Chocolate S'mores are a new take on the traditional treat.