Wisconsin Cheese Picks & Bites

Easy and Elegant Tastes from Sweet to Savory

Welcome to Picks and Bites℠, a very special collection of simple creations using Wisconsin Cheese. They're your go-to answer for entertaining, casual eating occasions, appetizers and perfect beverage complements.

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Serving Ideas for Picks & Bites

Beverage Pairings, taking a step beyond

Your favorite beverage never had it so good! Garnish your cocktail with the lemon-spiked Shrimp Pick or a Bloody Mary with the spicy Grinder Pick. Discover how good Limburger really is when you choose the Monroe Bite with a pilsner at its side.

Entertaining, both easy and exceptional

Impress with a tray of striking Wisconsin Picks & Bites℠ that taste as great as they look in a colorful, eclectic collection that pleases everyone at the party. Enhance with a variety of mustards and sauces to dip into for extra pizazz. All this pleasure without turning on the stove. And, they're great conversation starters.

Small Plates, extraordinary ease

So versatile, Picks & Bites℠ offer enjoyable grazing at its finest! Arrange a plate of contrasting colors, flavors and styles for mouthwatering appetizers and fun finger foods. Or, for lighter appetites, make a small meal with a Beef Roll Bite, Caprese Pick and a Brie & Fruit Pick. It's up to you—mix and match to your liking for fresh and easy eats.

Sides and Garnishes, easy enhancements

Add as a complement and serve alongside soups or salads, not to mention adding Technicolor eye appeal. Perk up tomato soup with a Greek Salad Bite, or garnish a tossed salad with a Cobb Pick. It's the little details that make a big impression.

Irresistible Desserts, no fuss and guiltless

No one can resist dessert, and why would they when these sweet morsels are waiting to be devoured? All the rich satisfaction of dessert in one or two small bites. No reason to deprive yourself when Strawberry Shortcake Bites, Tapas Picks, Tiramisu Bites and Gorgonzola Truffle Picks await.

Menu Mojo, be outside the box

Just imagine what Wisconsin Cheese Picks & Bites℠ can do on a restaurant or catering menu. These festive flavor combinations are spectacular as bar bites, "small plates" or even as an addition to a cheese course. The applications are endless.


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Picks & Bites℠ Brochure