Wisconsin's Finest, Inc.

P.O. Box 940425
Plano, TX 75094
Wisconsin’s Finest, Inc. brings to our customers the best quality cheese from AMERICA’S DAIRYLAND. The brand “Wisconsin’s Finest” can be found anywhere from your local grocery store's dairy department to the shredded cheese on your salad at your favorite restaurant. We provide customers with complete cheese lines in Foodservice, Deli and Retail throughout the United States. The Wisconsin’s Finest distribution center is located in Plano, Texas. This central location has made Wisconsin’s Finest the largest cheese wholesaler in the South. Wisconsin’s Finest represents the highest level of quality cheese. Our cheese is manufactured in USDA Inspected plants, under the strictest quality control and with the most modern equipment. Our daily chore is meeting the needs of our customers. We work daily to bring you the QUALITY, SERVICE and COMPETITIVE PRICING that you need to be successful in selling cheese.

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