Pine River Pre-Pack

10134 Pine River Road
Newton, WI 53063
Pine River Pre-Pack is family owned and operated since 1963. Located in rural Wisconsin, the family dairy history roots go back 4 generations. Check out our website for the full story! Currently Pine River manufactures Cold Pack Cheese Food in a variety of flavors and packages them in retail sized containers all the way up to containers used in the food service industry. Custom flavor requests and private label customers have provided a growing niche for our company and our goal is to continue to make the best cheese spread possible using the best ingredients, including Grade A cheddar from Wisconsin! One of the ways to measure our success is by the awards we’ve received on the local, national, and world levels. Our website has a full list dating back to 1983 when we entered our first contest. Pine River cheese spreads are located in grocery stores and specialty cheese shops across the United States and can also be purchased through our mail order catalog on the Pine River web site.


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