Widmer's Cheese Cellars, Inc.

214 West Henni Street
Theresa, WI 53091
Widmer's Cheese Cellars, a 4th generation cheese factory, has been owned and operated by the Widmer family since 1922. We manufacture authentic hand-crafted cheeses such as mild and washed-rind Brick cheeses, authentic stirred-curd Colby, and Cheddars aged up to 10 years. Widmer's has been the recipient of many blue ribbon awards both in Wisconsin and nationally. Widmer's cheese is sold through our mail order business. We also operate a retail outlet from the factory. Widmer's Cheese Cellars serves the retail and food service industries in select markets nationwide. Widmer's cheeses are found on the cheese courses of many fine American restaurants as well as on the shelves of the top upscale retail stores. One of our newest products is the Aged Brick Cheese Spread. This spread is a combination of Washed Rind Brick Cheese and Aged White Cheddar and has won numerous national and local awards. It is very unique and has been a great seller for both retail as well as food service.


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Widmer's Cheese Cellars - Retail Store
214 W. Henni Street
Theresa, WI 53091
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Master Cheesemakers At Widmer's Cheese Cellars, Inc.

Joe Widmer
Joe Widmer
Joe makes cheese in the factory his grandfather purchased more than 90 years ago, and he continues to follow his grandfather's golden rule: Take no shortcuts and accept nothing less than excellence. Joe has completed the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® program twice and holds certifications for two Wisconsin originals—brick and colby cheeses. He is also certified for cheddar cheese. "The best part of the program is the artisan courses that allow you to meet cheesemakers from other countries and share ideas," he says. Widmer Cheese Cellars has won awards for their cheeses in local, U.S. and international competitions.
Master Cheesemaker Certified in: Brick, Cheddar, Colby

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