Hidden Springs Creamery

S1597 Hanson Rd
Westby, WI 54667
Run by Brenda and Dean Jensen, Hidden Springs Farm is currently milking 500 Lucane and East Friesian dairy sheep. The sheep graze seasonally, and their milk is turned into a variety of sheep milk cheeses, along with one mixed-milk variety that includes cow milk. They are best known for their "Driftless Cheese", named after the "Driftless Area" in which it is made. Their mixed-milk variety, Meadow Melody, is an American Original that was initially made at the start and end of the sheep milking season when sheep milk was in short supply to ensure their customers had cheese year-round. Now, because they milk more sheep, they are able to make sheep cheese year-round, but they still make Meadow Melody because it tastes so darn good. And judges agree. In 2014, Meadow Melody was named one of the top 16 cheeses in the world at the World Championship Cheese Contest. The Jensens' vision for Hidden Springs Farm and Creamery is to be sustainable environmentally as well as financially: an all-natural, back-to-basics, old-fashioned, original farmstead approach to farming, crafting their food products, as well as their marketing. No GMOs or antibiotics are used at Hidden Springs Farm. The Jensens have won many awards including 1st place awards at the World Cheese Championship, American Cheese Society Competition, Wisconsin State Fair, and United Sates Cheese Championship.


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