Red Apple Cheese

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Owen, WI 54460
Red Apple Cheese is a family of cheeses: Apple Smoked brand, Naturally Good Kosher brand, Waxed Screaming Dutchman brand, flavored Red Apple brand, non-fat Skinny Cheese brand, and shelf-stable Cracker Top brand. All of our cheeses are made from 100% natural milk. Prior to smoking, our Apple Smoked cheeses are aged to enhance the taste. Our cheese masters then slowly and naturally cold-smoke each piece of cheese using a special aged apple pulp & hardwood . A hint of apple flavor can be tasted in each sharp rich flavored piece. Our accent is on perfect smoked flavor. The Naturally Good Kosher cheeses are very popular. 90% of Kosher foods are purchased by those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle and people looking for more wholesome, higher quality foods. The Screaming Dutchman cheeses are high quality waxed cheeses. Although they look hand cut, they are fixed weight. Our flavored cheeses, the Red Apple Cheese brand are processed cheeses made with ingredients: real horseradish, real onions, real garlic, real peppers. These cheeses are much lower in sodium than other like cheeses but full of flavor. Non-fat cheeses are for people on a diet. Our Skinny Cheese line has all the flavor but none of the fat. Our Cracker Top cheeses are high quality, shelf stable, affordable cheeses, which come in a variety of flavors. The fact that they are shelf stable allows not only supermarkets but also non-traditional retailers to merchandise this line of fine cheeses.

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