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W2994 County Road HH
Malone, WI 53049
Established in 1978, our family-owned and operated business reflects a heritage of four generations of Wisconsin cow & goat dairy farmers. We began making cheese in 2008 the traditional way. We are a family-operated business serving our customers nation-wide with award winning cheeses. Our signature cheese is Evalon, a fruity nutty aged goat milk cheese with an Asiago finish. Evalon was named “Best of Show” out of 1604 different cheeses, at the U.S. Championship Cheese contest. We also make a variety of other goat milk cheeses: raw and pasteurized Cheddar, Jack, fresh Chevre and various Evalon cheeses in both wheels and blocks. We also pride ourselves on American Original Mixed Milk Cheeses such as the Ziege Zacke Blue, Chandoka, Martone and a variety of others. We utilize specialized affinage techniques to enhance the unique flavors our cheeses are known for. Katie (Hedrich) Fuhrmann, our cheesemaker, has taken top honors at various contests around the country. Our cheeses can be enjoyed at top restaurants throughout the U.S. or you can pick them up at various specialty stores. You are personally invited to visit our state-of-the-art milking operation, creamery, education center, café and on-farm retail store. During your visit you will see the goats, view the aging cellars first hand, and learn what goats really eat. Please visit our website or call Katie (Hedrich) Fuhrmann at 920-670-0051 for more information.


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The Shoppe at LaClare Farms
W2994 Cty Rd HH
Malone, WI 53049
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