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Clock Shadow Creamery
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Martha’s Pimento Cheese is the evolution of decades, even generations, of pimento cheese-eating and pimento cheese-making weaving the culinary traditions of Martha Davis Kipcak’s East Texas roots with her transplanted home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Classic pimento cheese, a combination of shredded Cheddar cheese, diced peppers and high quality mayonnaise, is a household staple across the American South. Martha’s Pimento Cheese introduces this Southern favorite to the Midwest, showcasing Wisconsin’s iconic Aged Cheddar cheese in a new venue, creating foodway traditions that honor taste and history. Martha’s original pimento cheese recipe includes jalapeños, a nod to her native Texas palate. A new variety with Chile de Arbol has been introduced for those who love a little extra heat. The product is produced at Clock Shadow Creamery in downtown Milwaukee, under the supervision of Martha. The 8-ounce containers are made of plant-based plastic, a renewable resource. The jalapeños and chile de arbol peppers, when possible, are locally sourced from small-scale farmers and youth gardeners in Milwaukee. Aged Cheddar cheese is 100% Wisconsin-sourced, rBGH-free. Mighty Fine Food LLC, with Martha Davis Kipcak as the owner, is proud to present Martha’s Pimento Cheese as its first product line of delicious, handcrafted artisan food made in Milwaukee guided by a triple bottom line of responsibility.


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Clock Shadow Creamery
138 W. Bruce St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
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