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N92W37326 O’Neil Road
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
With more than 135 years of dairy farming heritage in Southeastern Wisconsin, the Koepke family introduces LaBelle, their farmhouse cheese crafted only with the premium milk from their Holstein dairy cows. LaBelle is made in small batches under the careful supervision of a Master Cheesemaker whose family-owned cheese plant has been in operation for more than 125 years. Time-honored, artisan cheese-making techniques transforms the wholesome milk from the award-winning Koepke herd into beautiful, semi-soft aged wheels of LaBelle. The 12 pound wheels are smooth, creamy and buttery at six months of age and advance to rich, earthy and tangy flavors as the cheese matures past one year. World Dairy Expo presented the family with the 2011 Dairymen of the Year award for their excellence in dairy cattle husbandry. The Koepkes also received the 2011 Leopold Conservation Award for their extraordinary voluntary land conservation efforts that protect and build healthy soils. With each bite of LaBelle, you are supporting a fifth generation family farm deeply committed to caring for their land and cattle.

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