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Intra C.D. Inc. was founded in 1988 by James Kerivan. He used his varied background in the cheese manufacturing, sales, distribution and brokerage areas of expertise to visualize a market emerging for ethnic styled cheeses such as Polish and Mexican styles and types of cheeses. INTRA developed a variety of cheeses primarily focusing on its SMACZNY Brand of Cheeses. The SMACZNY Brand of cheeses were developed by INTRA C.D. in partnership with Wisconsin Cheese Makers, who had decades of experience in crafting high quality cheese styles from around the world, by using authentic and traditional regional Eastern European recipes. The strength of the SMACZNY Brand is that they cross over many demographic and ethnic groups including Eastern European and Mexican Hispanic, due to their mild and creamy taste but especially for their superior melting capability and the ability to use them in such a variety of recipes. We have also recently added a new brand, Mountain Brand Brick and Muenster. The primary focus of these cheeses developed by INTRA was to bring a new variety of cheeses that focused on the ethnic populations throughout the USA to delicatessens that were looking for variety in new types of cheese that would be popular with the ethnic communities surrounding these retail food shops.

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