Country Connection Cheese Company

2046 W Lake
Chicago, IL 60612
Established in 1973, the Country Connection Cheese Company has been producing artisan cheeses in the Driftless Hills of Southwest Wisconsin for over 40 years. The Land: The glaciers that swept through the Midwest during the last ice age missed an area of Southwest Wisconsin called the “driftless” region. This is where the high ridges and valleys retain their original limestone layer beneath the soil. In the 1830s Swiss immigrants discoverd that the limestone bed made this region geologically akin to their homeland. They settled here so their cows would give milk good enough to reproduce the cheeses of their native Switzerland. Handcrafted Cheeses: While the cows graze, our master cheesemakers carefully handcraft the cheese. They use fresh, all-natural ingredients and employ traditional cheesemaking techniques, among which touch and taste are still paramount. They craft the cheeses in small batches, sparing no detail. Traditional techniques and attention to detail give each Country Connection cheese a distinctive texture and flavor.

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