Landmark Creamery

W1237 Brooklyn Albany Road
Albany, WI 53502
Landmark Creamery is a two-woman run cheese company in Southern Wisconsin. Anna and Anna produce sheep and pasture-grazed cow milk cheese--beautiful cheese from uncommon milk. Petit Nuage, a fresh sheep milk cheese, won a gold medal in the 2015 U.S. Cheese Championship. Anabasque is a washed rind, cave-aged sheep milk cheese inspired by the cheeses of the Basque region. Tallgrass Reserve is an aged, pasture-grazed cow milk cheese aged 6-12 months. A little piece of land, a Swiss Grandfather, a noisy milk cow named Freckles, a flock of wild sheep, two goats named Giselle and Celeste and a passion for local food and cooking are the roots of Landmark Creamery. Anna and Anna moved to Albany at the same time in 2009, but didn't meet until they found themselves at a potluck for Green County Women in Sustainable Agriculture three years later. Anna Landmark was there because she had a small farm, Anna Thomas Bates was there because as a food writer and proponent of sustainable agriculture, she loves to learn about local food, farms and the incredible women who run them. Landmark plunged into full-time cheese making in August 2013. Over homemade Old Fashioneds, the two Anna’s plotted a partnership dreaming of creamy sheep milk and buttery pasture-grazed cow milk, carefully handcrafted into beautiful, delicious cheese.


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