Ponderosa Dairy Products, LLC

N4893 County Rd C
Kewaunee, WI 54216
Ponderosa Dairy Products is a farmstead cheesemaking operation located on Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy Farm in northeastern Wisconsin. Owned by second-generation dairy producer John Pagel, this dairy farm hosts more than 7,000 visitors annually who come to their farm to learn about modern, progressive dairying. John’s dream has always been to show consumers where milk comes from, and to craft small batch cheeses directly on their farm using only the milk from their cows. This fresh milk is the secret to their rich, creamy natural cheeses including their signature Snow Cheddar and the award-winning String Cheese which recently won a Bronze award in the 2016 World Cheese contest. John is a firm believer in the concept of “farm to table” and demonstrates this philosophy with his Cannery Market restaurant and retail store located in downtown Green Bay where he offers menu items featuring his farmstead cheeses as well as beef from his herd.


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