Omega Naturals

101 Parkside Drive
Dorchester, WI 54425
Omega Naturals is a division of Heartland Cooperative Services in Central Wisconsin. Omega Naturals—with the support of Heartland Cooperative Services—developed a flax-based feeding protocol for animals which supports a healthy diet. With the healthy diet, those dairy cows produce premium milk which is then made into cheese that contains a minimum of 128mg Omega 3 fatty acids per serving. The "healthy for you" line of cheese is just one benefit of this approach. The farmer is paid an additional premium for all Omega milk converted to cheese. In addition, the Omega 3 diet in humans provides benefits by supporting reduced joint inflammation, brain activity (memory), and a stronger immune system. Omega Naturals is a one-of-a-kind product known for a creamy texture and a naturally great taste. No fish oil or other additives are used to achieve higher Omega 3 levels, and all products are rBST free.

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