Meister Cheese Co.

1160 Industrial Drive
Muscoda, WI 53573
Founded three generations ago, Meister Cheese Company remains true to the ideals of our founder, Joseph Meister, who was committed to making only the finest quality cheeses. Our Kase Meister label honors the legacy of our Father and Grandfather. Kase Meister's award-winning Cheddar is handcrafted and captures our forefather's tradition with our third-generation experience, technology and ingenuity. Meister Cheese manufactures and packages premium Colby and Colby-Jack, as well as unique flavors of award winning Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, including Wild Morel & Leek, Chipotle, Horseradish, Spring Onion, Salsa, Bruschetta and Muscoda Mayhem! Meister Cheese is located in the heart of SW Wisconsin's un-glaciated area, providing access to the state's best milk supply including organic, rBST-free, and pastured cow's milk.


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Meister Cheese
1050 Industrial Drive
Muscoda, WI 53573

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