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Crafted by hand in small vats, this moist and creamy unique cheese is English in style. It has a distinctive tang and comes unflavored or infused with a cranberry/orange or an apricot/ginger emulsion.


A firm, smooth cheese native to Lebanon and Syria and popular throughout the Middle East, this cheese is the best selling Middle Eastern cheese among Arab-Americans. The cheese is brined, giving it a traditional salty flavor with a refrigeration life of six months.


Made from sheep, goat and cow milk, this hickory-smoked brown-rind cheese has a gentle smoked flavor that is somewhat sweet.

Alpha's Morning Sun

Blend of Cheddar and Alpine flavors. Mild, slightly buttery with a sweet finish.

Alpine Renegade

This Alpine-style cheese is made with cow milk sourced from a single, pastured herd. A washed-rind cheese, it has a semi-soft texture with a tart, full-bodied, intense flavor.


Since the 11th century, cheesemakers in the Alpine area between Switzerland and France have produced Gruyere. The pride and joy of the region, this cheese received its name from the town of Gruyeres in the Swiss canton of Fribourg. Today, Wisconsin cheesemakers produce award-winning, hand-crafted Alpine-style cheese using classic Swiss production techniques and hand-crafted copper vats. Surface ripened with an inedible brown rind, the cheese is aged in specially-designed curing rooms to give it a nutty, rich, full-bodied flavor and firm texture.

American (Pasteurized Processed)

Processed cheeses have a very mild semi-soft elastic smooth texture and account for a huge share of cheese sales. Processed cheeses from Wisconsin are a smooth blend of assorted natural cheeses that have been blended and pasteurized to the point where further ripening stops, resulting in a longer shelf life than most cheeses. Wisconsin, the leading state in total cheese production, is also the top producer of processed cheeses.

Anejo Enchilado

Originating in Mexico where it was used for making antojitos (appetizers) and enchiladas, "Queso Anejo" translates literally in Spanish to "aged cheese." Anejo is a full-flavored, firm cheese noted for its bright paprika or chile powder coating. It can be used both as an ingredient and a snack. The flavor is not as strong as Cotija and the texture is softer and less crumbly. Traditionally, Anejo Enchilado was made from skimmed goat milk or skimmed cow milk and packed in burlap bags.

Apollo's Gift

This naturally healthy cheese tastes fresh like string cheese and buttery like a monterey jack. It is creamy like mild cheddar and melts like mozzarella. Made with probiotic-rich cultured milk, the result is lactose free and lower in both fat and sodium than typical cheeses, without compromising on great taste and creamy texture. Apollo's Gift makes a great snacking cheese and works well in a variety of recipes.


Spanish for baking, Asadero is a rich Mexican style melting cheese similar to Queso Oaxaca that is used for cooking. This cottage industry cheese comes in several variations. "Quesadilla," a relatively mild version of Asadero, originated in Northern Sinaloa, Mexico. In Wisconsin, Asadero is produced by combining the skill of our cheesemakers with the imported techniques of traditional Hispanic cheesemaking.
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