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Wisconsin cheese

What does it take to produce the world’s best cheese? It takes lush grasslands and a glacial water supply. It takes third- and fourth-generation cheesemakers, combining old-world tradition with new ideas, the highest standards and over 175 years of experience.

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Prairie Sunset Peach

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Say hello to the world's most awarded cheeses. Made with an intense pride and strong commitment to perfection only found in America’s Dairyland.

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Wisconsin Cheese


Our collection of unique recipes has everything you’re looking for and more — whether you’re feeding the family, entertaining friends, or both.

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Wisconsin Cheese


Take a look at Wisconsin cheese in action. Here you’ll find stories about people who use Wisconsin cheese every day, recipe videos, and more.

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Master's Mark

Our Master Cheesemakers understand quality. They’ve earned the Master’s Mark label, a symbol representing expertise and artistry — qualities only found in Wisconsin cheese.

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With over 600 varieties of Wisconsin Cheese, you’re sure to find a savory style to go with any beverage, crudité or dessert.

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A Slice of the

Cheese Life

See the people who make Wisconsin cheese great. A Slice of the Cheese Life is a short video series featuring a cheesemaker, a cheesemonger and a chef.

Slice of Life

A slice of the cheese life

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Whether you want to show off a traditional recipe, a Wisconsin cheese moment, or something completely original, share it with #WisconsinCheese.