Award-Winning Cheese and Top American Chefs—A Match Made in Wisconsin

Nationally recognized chefs across the country have discovered the incomparable quality and variety of Wisconsin Cheeses and cheesemakers. Enjoy their creativity and the goodness of Wisconsin Cheese on menus in top restaurants from coast to coast.

Chef Scott Anderson

This Month, Meet Chef Scott Anderson

Associate Food Service Director/Chef
Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, W. Va.

Although he holds a master's degree in social sciences, Chef Anderson's heart is in cooking. Having worked his way up the culinary ladder, he delights in teaching, menu management and recipe creation as a member of the university's academic team. These easy, but highly flavorful burritos and bruschetta are characteristic of his style and his preference for Wisconsin Cheese.

Chefs' Recipes:


“As a chef, I am only as good as the people and product I surround myself with. That's why I use Wisconsin cheese. Wisconsin cheesemakers are as passionate as I am about the product they make.”Chef Seth Bixby Daugherty Chef Seth Bixby Daugherty