Key Steps in Butter Production

Process Description
MILK Separation
CREAM Standardization & Quality Control

1. Determination of butterfat content
2. Determination of Acid Degree Value
3. Determination of pH
4. Organoleptic scrutiny for flavor defects
LEGAL PASTEURIZATION Appropriate heat treatment on approved and sealed equipment to ensure the bacterial and enzymatic quality of the product
AGING Holding cream at appropriately cool temperatures to crystallize the butterfat globules ensuring proper churning and texture of the butter
RIPENING (Optional)- cultures added to ferment milk sugars to lactic acid and desirable flavor and aroma characteristics for cultured butter
CHURNING 1. Continuous
2. Batch
WASHING (Optional)
WORKING Texture development; addition of salt if salted; final moisture adjustment (optional addition of color and/or flavoring)
PACKAGING Butter is conveyed to various packaging machines
STORAGE Crystallization of butterfat and cooling to storage temperature
BUTTER Distribution

1. Retail
2. Food Service
3. Industrial (food processing)