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Edelweiss Creamery is a small artisan Wisconsin cheese factory employing state-of-the-art technology alongside the tried and true traditional method of cheesemaking. It was established in 1873 and is still at the same location. As a result, our cheese brings you back to a time when the quality and the flavor was king! We also have a grass-based line of natural cheeses. We are very proud to do our part for sustainable agriculture. The unequaled taste of this cheese is a must for the serious cheese lover! Edelweiss Creamery employs the highest certified Master Cheesemaker in the United States, Bruce Workman. Bruce has graduated from the WI Master Cheesemaker program six times and holds 11 certifications. Bruce's experience and expertise enables Edelweiss to continue to make award-winning cheeses. The Edelweiss Emmentaler cheese is made using raw milk and a traditional Swiss copper vat. The wheels weigh about 180 lbs. It's like a little bit of Switzerland right here in Monticello, Wisconsin.


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Master Cheesemakers At Edelweiss Creamery

Bruce Workman
Bruce Workman
Holding the most Master certifications of any craftsman in the state, Bruce has honed his skills over more than three decades. He was first certified as a Master in 1999 for gruyère and baby Swiss and returned to the program to graduate in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014 for additional certifications. He is now a Master in the production of butterkäse, havarti, raclette, emmental, specialty Swiss, brick, muenster, cheddar and gouda as well. "There's no other program in the nation that's as intense or that provides the same level of training, quality standards or follow-up required to become a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker," he says. "Every time I go through the program I learn something new—that's why I keep going back."

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